CONTENTS — volume 10, no 6, 1984

Published: Dec 1984

Original article

Work-related diseases. A new program of the World Health Organization.
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Work-Related Diseases. Espoo, Finland, 4-8 June 1984.
Occupational mortality.
Epidemiologic study of work-related diseases. Methodological problems of register-based studies.
Cancer incidence by living area, social class and occupation.
Work-related diseases--some problems in study design.
On the interplay between socioeconomic factors, personality and work environment in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease.
Chemical exposures at work and cardiovascular morbidity. Atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, cardiomyopathy and arrhythmias.
Physical activity and cardiovascular morbidity.
Cardiovascular responses to static exercise.
Physical load on the cardiovascular system in different work tasks.
Shift work and cardiovascular disease.
Psychological stress and cardiovascular diseases.
Causes, prediction and prevention of back pain at work.
Arthrosis and its relation to work.
Shoulder pain and tension neck and their relation to work.
Tenosynovitis, peritendinitis and the tennis elbow syndrome.
Different stages of disease, changes in heaviness of work and life cycle.
Completeness of occupational history and occurrences of work-related diseases.
Alcohol, work and the nervous system.
Complaints of insomnia in different occupations.
Bronchitis in relation to work.
Pleural changes and exposure to fibrous minerals.
Atopy and work.
Aggravation of lung disease.
Work, stress and health.
Psychogenic epidemics and work.
Unemployment and mental disturbance.
Alcoholism and occupation.
Effects of job change on job satisfaction and mental strain.