CONTENTS — volume 10, no 2, 1984

Published: Apr 1984

Original article

Chromosome aberrations in lymphocytes of nurses handling cytostatic agents.
Urinalysis of minor metabolites of ethylbenzene and m-xylene.
Metabolism of inhaled ethylbenzene in rats.
Chronic effects of trichloroethylene upon S-100 protein content and lipid composition in gerbil cerebellum.
A method for the determination of ethylenediamine in workroom air.
Monitoring exposure to propylene oxide through the determination of hemoglobin alkylation.
Lead content of deciduous molar enamel in Finland, as measured by proton-induced X-ray emission.
Sampling of high concentrations of airborne fungi.
Airborne molds and actinomycetes in the work environment of farmer's lung patients in Finland.