CONTENTS — volume 9, no 6, 1983

Published: Dec 1983

Original article

Mortality from lung cancer in an acetylene and phthalic anhydride plant. A case-referent study.
Evaluation of the current risk of lead poisoning in the ceramics industry.
Cardiac output and gas exchange during heavy exercise with a positive pressure respiratory protective apparatus.
Exposure to styrene. Uptake, distribution, metabolism and elimination in man.
Sampling and analysis of hexavalent chromium during exposure to chromic acid mist and welding fumes.
Monitoring 1,6-hexamethylene diisocyanate in air by chemosorption sampling.
Urinary excretion of proteins in chromeplaters, exchromeplaters and referents.
White lead exposure among Danish police officers employed in fingerprint detection.

Letter to the Editor

Re: "Man-made vitreous fibers and workers' health: An overview of the epidemiologic evidence" by R Saracci, L Simonato.