CONTENTS — volume 8, no 4, 1982

Original article

Man-made vitreous fibers and workers' health. An overview of the epidemiologic evidence.
Pathophysiology and multifactorial etiology of acquired vasospastic disease (Raynaud syndrome) in vibration-exposed workers.
Environmental epidemiologic investigation of the styrene-butadiene rubber industry. Mortality patterns with discussion of the hematopoietic and lymphatic malignancies.
Biological monitoring of workers with past lead exposure. Biochemical findings.
Lead levels determined in Swedish permanent teeth by particle-induced X-ray emission.
Changes in the nasal mucosa of furniture workers. A pilot study.
Nasal histology and nickel concentration in plasma and urine after improvements in the work environment at a nickel refinery in Norway.
Increase of sister chromatid exchange and unscheduled synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid by acrylonitrile in human lymphocytes in vitro.
Clonidine in the treatment of vibration-induced white fingers.