CONTENTS — volume 8, no 3, 1982

Published: Sep 1982

Original article

Occupational mortality studies. Principles of validity.
Causal and preventive interdependence. Elementary principles.
Occupational exposure to arsine. An epidemiologic reappraisal of current standards.
Latent ischemic heart disease in sea captains.
Ophthamologic effects of man-made mineral fibers.
Evolution of cadmium-induced renal dysfunction in workers removed from exposure.
Antimony in lung, liver and kidney tissue from deceased smelter workers.
Chromosome changes in workers (smokers and nonsmokers) exposed to automobile fuels and exhaust gases.
Effect of exposure to organophosphorus compounds on S-cholinesterase in workers removing poisonous depots.
Determination of nitrate content in whey and milk powders at a dairy after an occupational accident with nitric acid.