CONTENTS — volume 8, no 2, 1982

Published: Jun 1982


Long-term development of occupational accidents in Finland.
Inhalation anesthetics, anticancer drugs and sterilants as chemical hazards in hospitals.

Original article

Malignant mesothelioma in Turkish immigrants residing in Sweden.
Assessment of coronary heart disease risk among viscose rayon workers exposed to carbon disulfide at concentrations of about 30 mg/m3.
Distribution and elimination of 2-[14C]-acetone in mice after inhalation exposure.
Mercury in urine – sex, age and geographic differences in a reference population.

Short communication

Classification of low-back pain.
Car painters` exposure to a mixture of organic solvents. Serum activities of liver enzymes.
Allergy to the complex salts of platinum. A review of the literature and three case reports.

Book review

Banbury Report No 9: Quantification of Occupational Cancer
Hernberg S, reviewer
Night and Shift Work: Biological and Social Apsects
Ilmarinen J, reviewer
Studies of Shiftwork
Ilmarinen J, reviewer
Human Factors in Lighting