CONTENTS — volume 6, no 2, 1980

Published: Jun 1980


Anesthetic gases as an occupational hazard--a review.

Original article

Effects of xylene and alcohol on vestibular and visual functions in man.
Breath concentration as an index of the health risk from benzene. Studies on the accumulation and clearance of inhaled benzene.
Circadian variation of physiological functions related to physical work capacity.
The tracer gas technique--a useful tool for industrial hygiene.
Pregnancy outcome for women working in laboratories in some of the pharmaceutical industries in Sweden.
The effect of welding fumes on ocular readaptation time.
Statistical modeling of epidemiologic data.

Case report

Extrinsic allergic alveolitis in a sawmill worker. A case report.

Letter to the editor

Delayed excretion of urinary metabolites after styrene exposure: fact or artifact?

Book review

Handbook on the Toxicology of Metals
Tola S, reviewer