CONTENTS — volume 6, no 1, 1980

Published: Mar 1980


Biotransformation of organic solvents. A review.

Original article

Symptoms of car painters with long-term exposure to a mixture of organic solvents.
Clinical neurological findings among car painters exposed to a mixture of organic solvents.
Irreversible effects of trichloroethylene exposure on the central nervous system.
Physical work capacity of firemen. With special reference to demands during fire fighting.
Reactions to hand cooling in workers occupationally exposed to cold.
Diet, physiological work and accident incidence of forge workers.
Herbicide exposure and tumor mortality. An updated epidemiologic investigation on Swedish railroad workers.

Letter to the editor

A note on observational bias in case-referent studies in occupational health epidemiology.

Book review

Indoor Climate: Effects on Human Comfort, Performance and Health in Residential, Commercial, and Light-industry Buildings
Ilmarinen R, reviewer