CONTENTS — volume 5, no 2, 1979

Published: Jun 1979


Toluene. A toxicologic review.

Original article

The case-referent (case-control) study in occupational health epidemiology.
Ten-year mortality from coronary heart disease among 172,000 men classified by occupational physical activity.
Ten-year coronary mortality of workers exposed to carbon disulfide.
Long-term exposure to electric fields. A cross-sectional epidemiologic investigation of occupationally exposed workers in high-voltage substations.
Distribution of m-xylene to subcutaneous adipose tissue in short-term experimental human exposure.
Conjugation and urinary excretion of toluene and m-xylene metabolites in a man
Percutaneous absorption of m-xylene from a mixture of m-xylene and isobutyl alcohol in man
Determination of inorganic fiber density in human lung tissue by scanning electron microscopy after low temperature ashing.
Styrene and styrene oxide concentrations in the air during the lamination process in the reinforced plastics industry.

Letter to the editor

Styrene oxide in the manufacture of reinforced polyester plastics.

Book review

Asbestos-related Disease
Huuskonen MS, reviewer