CONTENTS — volume 5, no 1, 1979

Published: Mar 1979


Toxicity of oil shale chemical products. A review.

Original article

Lung cancer and residency--a case-referent study on the possible impact of of exposure to radon and its daughters in dwellings.
Biologically active metals in human tissues. II. The effect of age on the concentration of cadmium in aorta, heart, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas and skeletal muscle.
Evaluation of heat stress during sedentary work.
Hazards in the work environment--hydrogen sulfide. Spectrophotometric determination of hydrogen sulfide.
Humidifier-associated extrinsic allergic alveolitis.
An exchange of membrane filter samples of airborne asbestos between one United Kingdom and three Scandinavian laboratories.
Effects of vanadium on the upper respiratory tract of workers in a vanadium factory. A macroscopic and microscopic study.
Individual mercury exposure of chloralkali workers and its relation to blood and urinary mercury levels.

Book review

Methods of Carcinogenesis Tests at the Cellular Level and their Evaluation for the Asseessment of Occupational Cancer Hazards: Proceedings of the Meeting of the Scientific Committee on Occupational and Environmental Healht, Carlo Erba Foundation, Milan 4-6 Decenmber 1977.
Vainio H, reviewer