CONTENTS — volume 4, no 2, 1978

Published: Jun 1978


Benzene--attempts to establish a lower exposure standard in the United States. A review.

Original article

Evaluation of occupational exposure to xylene by blood, exhaled air and urine analysis.
Amount and distribution of welding fume lung contaminants among arc welders.
Urinary beta2 microglobulin related to chronic low level exposure to metallic cadmium dust in Finnish cadmium processing workers.
Blood dyscrasias and childhood tumors and exposure to chlordane and heptachlor.
Studies on angiopathy due to carbon disulfide. Retinopathy and index of exposure dosages.
Grip force in vibration disease.
Biologically active metals in human tissues. I. The effect of age and sex on the concentration of copper in aorta, heart, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas and skeletal muscle.
Hazards in the work environment--cyanide. Spectrophotometric determination of volatile cyanide.
Relation between radiological pleuropulmonary changes, clinical history and weight index of construction workers.