CONTENTS — volume 1, no 1, 1975

Published: Mar 1975


Applications of neurophysiological methods in occupational medicine. A review.

Original article

Exposure to white spirit. I. Concentration in alveolar air and blood during rest and exercise.
Exposure to white spirit. II. Psychological functions.
Roentgenographic findings of the lumbosacral spine in preemployment examinations of lumbermen with special reference to spondylolisthesis.
Changes in the nasal mucosa after exposure to copper salt dust. A preliminary report.

Discussion paper

A new development for occupational health services in Norway

Original article

Biochemical changes caused by asbestos dust in the lungs of rats.
Blood cell delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase activity in humans exposed to methylmercury.

Report: Permanent comission and international association on occupational health – subcomittee for occupational health in the production of fibers: III International Symposium on Toxicology of Carbon Disulfide; Cairo – Alexandria, Egypt, 4–9 May 1974
Lieben J, reporter