CONTENTS — volume 36, no 4, 2010

Published: 01 Jun 2010


How do we know if monetary incentives are effective and efficient for controlling health and safety risks at work?


Economic evaluations of occupational health interventions from a corporate perspective – a systematic review of methodological quality
A review of case studies evaluating economic incentives to promote occupational safety and health

Original article

Modeling the cost–benefit of nerve conduction studies in pre-employment screening for carpal tunnel syndrome
Transferring results of occupational safety and health cost-effectiveness studies from one country to another – a case study

Discussion paper

Developing guidelines for good practice in the economic evaluation of occupational safety and health interventions
Economic incentives as a policy tool to promote safety and health at work
Factors influencing the transferability of occupational safety and health economic incentive schemes between different countries

Original article

Sociodemographic, clinical, and work characteristics associated with return-to-work outcomes following surgery for work-related knee injury
Trends and priorities in occupational health research and knowledge transfer in Italy