CONTENTS — volume 24, no 1, 1998

Published: Feb 1998


Cancer registries in environmental cancer epidemiology


Environmental risk factors of breast cancer

Original article

Exposure to motor vehicle exhaust and childhood cancer
Mortality from asthma and cancer among sulfite mill workers
Effects of long-term organophosphate exposures on neurological symptoms, vibration sense and tremor amongst South African farm workers
Metabolic interaction between toluene, trichloroethylene and n-hexane in humans
Lead concentrations in tibial and calcaneal bone in relation to the history of lead exposure
Dementia and occupational exposure to magnetic fields
Relationship of job strain and iso-strain to health status in a cohort of women in the United States
Computer mouse position as a determinant of posture, muscular load and perceived exertion

Letter to the Editor

Sex ratio of offspring of residents of a highly polluted housing site