CONTENTS — volume 7, no 3, 1981

Published: Sep 1981


n-Hexane and its toxicologic effects – a review

Original article

A case-referent study on acute myeloid leukemia, background radiation and exposure to solvents and other agents
A cohort study on cancer among workers exposed to an antirust oil
Occurrence of cancer in a small cohort of asbestos-exposed workers
Topographic and size distribution of asbestos bodies in exposed human lungs
Age, sleep and irregular workhours – a field study with electroencephalographic recordings, catecholamine excretion and self-ratings
Testicular function of men occupationally exposed to para-tertiary butyl benzoic acid
Influence of fluoride recovery alumina on the work environment and the health of aluminum potroom workers
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the work atmosphere – determination of area-specific concentrations and job-specific exposure in a vertical pin Søderberg aluminum plant
Disappearance of carbon monoxide from the blood – comparison of the one-exponential and two-exponential elimination models for rat

Letter to the editor

Re: "Mutagenic action of isocyanates used in the production of polyurethanes" by MAnderson, M-L Binderup, P Kiel, H Larson, J MalCiid. Scand J Work Environ Health 6 (1980) 221-226
Laryngeal cancer and pickling house vapors

Amendments and corrections

Re: "Analysis of inorganic fiber concentrations in biological samples by scanning electron microscopy" by B Gylseth, RH Baunan, R Bruun. Scand J Work Environ Health 7 (1981) 101-108.