CONTENTS — volume 37, no 1, 2011

Published: Jan 2011


Physical conditioning programs for improving work outcomes among workers with back pain
The repeatability and validity of questionnaires assessing occupational physical activity – a systematic review

Original article

Physical workload and accelerated occurrence of lumbar spine diseases: risk and rate advancement periods in a German multicenter case–control study
Long-term effects of biomechanical exposure on severe knee pain in the Gazel cohort
Does stress at work make you gain weight? A two-year longitudinal study
Shift work trends and risk of work injury among Canadian workers
A phase-advanced, extended sleep paradigm to increase sleep duration among early-morning shift workers: a preliminary investigation
The effectiveness of yoga for the improvement of well-being and resilience to stress in the workplace

Short communication

The effect of bright light on sleepiness among rapid-rotating 12-hour shift workers

Letter to the editor