CONTENTS — volume 37, no 5, 2011

Published: Sep 2011


Sickness absence, office types, and advances in absenteeism research


Explicit and implicit theories of change when designing and implementing preventive ergonomics interventions – a systematic literature review

Original article

Sickness absence associated with shared and open-plan offices – a national cross sectional questionnaire survey
The effectiveness of participatory ergonomics to prevent low-back and neck pain – results of a cluster randomized controlled trial
Risk factors for de Quervain’s disease in a French working population
The mutual relationship between shift work and depressive complaints – a prospective cohort study
The effects of sleep duration on the incidence of cardiovascular events among middle-aged male workers in Japan
Weekend sleep intervention for workers with habitually short sleep periods
Pesticide exposure and risk of Parkinson’s disease – a population-based case–control study evaluating the potential for recall bias
Blue-enriched office light competes with natural light as a zeitgeber

Short communication

Does outdoor work during the winter season protect against depression and mood difficulties?