CONTENTS — volume 37, no 6, 2011

Published: Nov 2011


Adding more years to the work careers of an aging workforce – what works?

Original article

Work strain in midlife and 28-year work ability trajectories
Occupational social class and disability retirement among municipal employees – the contribution of health behaviors and working conditions
Factors influencing the decision to extend working life or retire
What promotes sustained return to work of employees on long-term sick leave? Perspectives of vocational rehabilitation professionals
Integrating evidence in disability evaluation by social insurance physicians
Personal, biomechanical, and psychosocial risk factors for rotator cuff syndrome in a working population
Comparison of two different methods for performing combination analysis of force and posture risk factors in an epidemiological study
Work-related falls from ladders – a follow-back study of US emergency department cases
Maternal shift work during pregnancy and biomarkers of reproductive function among the male offspring – a pilot follow-up study
Pregnancy outcomes among female dental personnel – a registry-based retrospective cohort study

Short communication

Effect of brief daily exercise on headache among adults – secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial
Mental distress among shift workers in Norwegian offshore petroleum industry – relative influence of individual and psychosocial work factors