CONTENTS — volume 38, no 4, 2012

Published: 01 Jul 2012


Worktime control: theoretical conceptualization, current empirical knowledge, and research agenda


Systematic review on the association between employee worktime control and work–non-work balance, health and well-being, and job-related outcomes

Original article

Implementation of self-rostering (the PRIO-project): effects on working hours, recovery, and health
Periodic self-rostering in shift work: correspondence between objective work hours, work hour preferences (personal fit), and work schedule satisfaction
Retrospective cohort study of the risk of impaired glucose tolerance among shift workers
The relationship between current and former shift work and the metabolic syndrome
Gender differences in the effect of weekly working hours on occupational injury risk in the United States working population
Burned out cognition – cognitive functioning of burnout patients before and after a period with psychological treatment
Governmental regulations for early retirement by means of energy expenditure cut offs

Consensus report

Work at night and breast cancer – report on evidence-based options for preventive actions