CONTENTS — volume 38, no 5, 2012

Published: 01 Sep 2012


Is retirement beneficial or harmful to mental health?


A systematic review of the cost-effectiveness of worksite physical activity and/or nutrition programs

Original article

Trajectories of mental health before and after old-age and disability retirement: a register-based study on purchases of psychotropic drugs
With long hours of work, might depression then lurk? A nationwide prospective follow-up study among Danish senior medical consultants
The joint association of sleep duration and insomnia symptoms with disability retirement – a longitudinal, register-linked study
Risk factors for incidence of rotator cuff syndrome in a large working population
Hazard functions to describe patterns of new and recurrent sick leave episodes for different diagnoses
Trajectories and predictors of return to work after traumatic limb injury – a 2-year follow-up study
Effect of individualized worksite exercise training on aerobic capacity and muscle strength among construction workers – a randomized controlled intervention study
Occupational exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals and the risk of uveal melanoma


Work, Well-being and Wealth: Conference on active ageing at work