CONTENTS — volume 21, no 3, 1995

Published: Jun 1995


A look to the past and to the future of research


Possible mechanisms for the respiratory tract effects of noncarcinogenic indoor-climate pollutants and bases for their risk assessment

Original article

Pooled reanalysis of cancer mortality among five cohorts of workers in wood-related industries
Pregnancy-related sickness absence among employed women in a Swedish county
Influence of occupational physical activity on pregnancy duration and birthweight
Changes in occupational physical loading during the lifetimes of Finnish men
Sources of variance in exposure to nonneutral trunk postures in varying working situations
Prevalence of microfungi in Finnish cow barns and some aspects of the occurrence of Wallemia sebi and Fusaria
IARC evaluates wood dust and formaldehyde. International Agency for Research on Cancer.
From research to prevention-the 50th anniversary congress of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.
Dioxins--a health hazard?