CONTENTS — volume 39, no 4, 2013

Published: 01 Jul 2013


Physical workload – a risk factor for miscarriage?


Miscarriage and occupational activity: a systematic review and meta-analysis regarding shift work, working hours, lifting, standing, and physical workload

Original article

Occupational lifting during pregnancy and risk of fetal death in a large national cohort study
Disability pension due to musculoskeletal diagnoses: importance of work-related factors in a prospective cohort study of Finnish twins
Psychosocial working conditions, occupational groups, and risk of disability pension due to mental diagnoses: a cohort study of 43 000 Swedish twins
Shift work and long-term injury among police officers
Long working hours and health status among employees in Europe: between-country differences
The effect of overcommitment and reward on muscle activity, posture, and forces in the arm-wrist-hand region – a field study among computer workers
The effect of work-related sustained trapezius muscle activity on the development of neck and shoulder pain among young adults
Assessment of the effect of occupational exposure to formaldehyde on the risk of lung cancer in two Canadian population-based case–control studies
Notification of occupational disease and the risk of work disability: a two-year follow-up study


Notification of occupational disease and risk of work disability – how concerned should we be?
Avoid yelling “stop thief!” and work disability prevention due to an occupational disease
Notification of occupational disease and risk of work disability – authors’ response to commentaries

Letter to the Editor

Black boxes and modifiable exposures