CONTENTS — volume 39, no 5, 2013

Published: 01 Sep 2013


Should construction workers work harder to improve their health?


Night-shift work and breast cancer – a systematic review and meta-analysis

Original article

Night work and breast cancer estrogen receptor status – results from the German GENICA study
The effectiveness of a construction worksite prevention program on work ability, health, and sick leave: results from a cluster randomized controlled trial
Work-related psychosocial and mechanical risk factors for work disability: a 3-year follow-up study of the general working population in Norway
Do work factors modify the association between chronic health problems and sickness absence among older employees?
Risk and rate advancement periods of total hip replacement due to primary osteoarthritis in relation to cumulative physical workload
Prevalence and incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome in US working populations: pooled analysis of six prospective studies
Prognosis of ulnar neuropathy and ulnar neuropathy-like symptoms in relation to occupational biomechanical exposures and lifestyle
Working hours and depressive symptomatology among full-time employees: Results from the fourth Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2007–2009)
Change in economic difficulties and physical and mental functioning: Evidence from British and Finnish employee cohorts