CONTENTS — volume 40, no 3, 2014

Published: 01 May 2014


Medication use as an outcome variable in environmental (noise) epidemiology


Occurrence of delayed-onset post-traumatic stress disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective studies
A meta-analysis of health effects of randomized controlled worksite interventions: Does social stratification matter?

Original article

Associations of traffic noise with self-rated health and psychotropic medication use
Workplace strength training prevents deterioration of work ability among workers with chronic pain and work disability: a randomized controlled trial
Cost-efficient assessment of biomechanical exposure in occupational groups, exemplified by posture observation and inclinometry
Effort–reward imbalance as a risk factor for disability pension: the Finnish Public Sector Study
Predictors of sickness absence related to musculoskeletal pain: a two-year follow-up study of workers in municipal kitchens
Individual and work-related predictors of work outcomes related to sustainable employment among male shift and day workers
Rotating-shift nurses after a day off: peripheral clock gene expression, urinary melatonin, and serum 17-β-estradiol levels
Workers’ psychological distress, depression, and burnout symptoms: associations with diurnal cortisol profiles
To what degree is the association between educational inequality and laryngeal cancer explained by smoking, alcohol consumption, and occupational exposure?
Risk of cryptorchidism among sons of horticultural workers and farmers in Denmark