CONTENTS — volume 40, no 6, 2014

Published: 01 Nov 2014


Workplace interventions: a challenge for promoting long-term health among shift workers


Health-related interventions among night shift workers: a critical review of the literature

Original article

Evaluation of an mHealth intervention aiming to improve health-related behavior and sleep and reduce fatigue among airline pilots
Changes in self-reported sleep and cognitive failures: a randomized controlled trial of a stress management intervention
Efficacy of an internet-based problem-solving training for teachers: results of a randomized controlled trial
A longitudinal study on risk factors for neck and shoulder pain among young adults in the transition from technical school to working life
Exposure–response relationships for the ACGIH threshold limit value for hand-activity level: results from a pooled data study of carpal tunnel syndrome
For better or worse? Changing shift schedules and the risk of work injury among men and women
Unnecessary work tasks and mental health: a prospective analysis of Danish human service workers
Exposure to psychosocial job strain during pregnancy and odds of asthma and atopic dermatitis among 7-year old children – a prospective cohort study

Short communication

Impact evaluation of a farm safety awareness workshop in New Zealand