CONTENTS — volume 41, no 4, 2015

Published: 01 Jul 2015


Understanding the role of work in socioeconomic health inequalities

Original article

Precarious employment and new-onset severe depressive symptoms: a population-based prospective study in South Korea
Explaining educational differences in sickness absence: a population-based follow-up study
Worktime control access, need and use in relation to work-home interference, fatigue, and job motivation
The ageing shift worker: a prospective cohort study on need for recovery, disability, and retirement intentions
Role of sleep disturbances in occupational accidents among women
Occupational history of night shift work and Parkinson’s disease in Denmark
Occupational exposures and sick leave during pregnancy: results from a Danish cohort study
Eligibility for low-dose computerized tomography screening among asbestos-exposed individuals

Short communication

Shift work and mental health sickness absence: a 10-year observational cohort study among male production workers

Letter to the Editor

Re: Fitzgerald et al. “Eligibility for low-dose computerized tomography screening among asbestos-exposed individuals” 


Timo J. Partanen (MSc, MPH, PhD) March 13, 1938–May 1, 2015 Defender of the invisibles Promotor of improved labor conditions in Central America and East Africa Visiting professor, 2004–2009 Central American Institute for Studies on Toxic Substances (IRET), Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) Collaborating Center, Universidad Nacional, Heredia, Costa Rica