CONTENTS — volume 42, no 3, 2016

Published: 01 May 2016


A history of the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health


Interventions to reduce sedentary behavior and increase physical activity during productive work: a systematic review

Original article

Effect of a participatory organizational-level occupational health intervention on short-term sickness absence: a cluster randomized controlled trial
Sickness absence and mental health: evidence from a nationally representative longitudinal survey
Contribution of comorbid conditions to the association between diabetes and disability pensions: a population-based nationwide cohort study
Associations between number of consecutive night shifts and impairment of neurobehavioral performance during a subsequent simulated night shift
The association between job stress and leisure-time physical inactivity adjusted for individual attributes: evidence from a Japanese occupational cohort survey
Prediction of objectively measured physical activity and sedentariness among blue-collar workers using survey questionnaires

Short communication

Does exposure to bullying behaviors at the workplace contribute to later suicidal ideation? A three-wave longitudinal study

Letter to the Editor

Methodological and conceptual issues regarding occupational psychosocial coronary heart disease epidemiology