CONTENTS — volume 42, no 6, 2016

Published: 01 Jun 2016


Does higher energy intake explain weight gain and increased metabolic risks among shift workers?

Original article

Shift workers have a similar diet quality but higher energy intake than day workers
Effectiveness of a return-to-work program for workers without an employment contract, sick-listed due to common mental disorders
Sickness absence and permanent work disability in relation to upper- and lower-body pain and occupational mechanical and psychosocial exposures
Work ability index and perceived work ability as predictors of disability pension: a prospective study among Finnish municipal employees
The effect of motherhood and work on women's time pressure: A cohort analysis using the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health
Long-term effectiveness of an educational and physical intervention for preventing low-back pain recurrence: a randomized controlled trial
Predicting chronic low-back pain based on pain trajectories in patients in an occupational setting: an exploratory analysis
Does objectively measured daily duration of forward bending predict development and aggravation of low-back pain? A prospective study
Breast cancer incidence among female flight attendants: exposure–response analyses
Farmers' mental health: A longitudinal sibling comparison – the HUNT study, Norway


Critical reflections on the currently leading definition of sustainable employability

Letter to the Editor

Reproductive health indicators and fetal medicine – many things will change