CONTENTS — volume 43, no 3, 2017

Published: 01 May 2017


Advances in occupational traumatic injury research


Parkinson’s disease and occupational exposures: a systematic literature review and meta-analyses

Original article

Occupational and recreational physical activity and Parkinson’s disease in Denmark
Transient risk factors of acute occupational injuries: a case-crossover study in two Danish emergency departments
Effectiveness of participatory training in preventing accidental occupational injuries: a randomized-controlled trial in China
Organizational change, psychosocial work environment, and non-disability early retirement: a prospective study among senior public employees
Does age modify the association between physical work demands and deterioration of self-rated general health?
Night-shift work is associated with increased pain perception
Associations of objectively measured sitting and standing with low-back pain intensity: a 6-month follow-up of construction and healthcare workers
Cross-sectional evaluation of an internet-based hearing screening test in an occupational setting

Letter to the Editor

Ocular ultraviolet radiation exposure of welders

Amendments and corrections

Re: Nabe-Nielsen K, Garde AH, Clausen T, Jørgensen MB. Does workplace health promotion reach shift workers? Scand J Work Environ Health. 2015;41(1):84–93. doi:10.5271/sjweh.3469