CONTENTS — volume 43, no 4, 2017

Published: 01 Jul 2017


On effort–reward imbalance and depression


Effort–reward imbalance at work and risk of depressive disorders. A systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies

Original article

Employees’ drug purchases before and after organizational downsizing: a natural experiment on the Norwegian working population (2004–2012)
A life course perspective on mental health problems, employment, and work outcomes
Predicting working beyond retirement in the Netherlands: an interdisciplinary approach involving occupational epidemiology and economics
Exercise to reduce work-related fatigue among employees: a randomized controlled trial
Effects on musculoskeletal pain from “Take a Stand!” – a cluster-randomized controlled trial reducing sitting time among office workers
Length of sickness absence and sustained return-to-work in mental disorders and musculoskeletal diseases: a cohort study of public sector employees
The psychosocial work environment is associated with risk of stroke at working age
Safety leadership at construction sites: the importance of rule-oriented and participative leadership
The association between blood lead levels and cardiovascular diseases among lead-exposed male workers


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