CONTENTS — volume 44, no 1, 2018

Published: 01 Jan 2018


Water, rest, shade: Can simple actions stop an epidemic of chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology among farm workers in Central America?


Suicide among agricultural, forestry, and fishery workers: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis

Original article

Can beliefs about musculoskeletal pain and work be changed at the national level? Prospective evaluation of the Danish national Job & Body campaign
A screening tool for the risk of disability retirement due to musculoskeletal disorders
Time course of neck-shoulder pain among workers: A longitudinal latent class growth analysis
Effectiveness of a participatory physical and psychosocial intervention to balance the demands and resources of industrial workers: A cluster-randomized controlled trial
Work–family conflict and depressive complaints among Dutch employees: examining reciprocal associations in a longitudinal study
Personal light-at-night exposures and components of variability in two common shift work industries: uses and implications for future research
Are professional drivers less sleepy than non-professional drivers?
Is objectively measured sitting at work associated with low-back pain? A cross sectional study in the DPhacto cohort

Letter to the Editor

Suicide among agricultural, forestry, and fishery workers
Response to letter to the editor from Dr Rahman Shiri: The challenging topic of suicide across occupational groups