CONTENTS — volume 24, no 4, 1998

Published: Aug 1998


Solving mysteries of the bioeffects of nonionizing radiation


Biological effects of amplitude-modulated radiofrequency radiation

Original article

Meta-analyses of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and farming
Determinants of asthma in a farming population
Mortality and cancer incidence among Swedish paint industry workers with long-term exposure to organic solvents
Immunologic and renal markers among photogravure printers exposed to toluene
Occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome among slaughterhouse workers
From a unidimensional to a bidimensional concept and measurement of workers' safety behavior
Combined effects of shift work and life-style on the prevalence of insomnia, sleep deprivation and daytime sleepiness
Experience with a vocabulary test for workers previously and still exposed to styrene

Workshop report

Towards the coordination of European research on the carcinogenic effects of asbestos