CONTENTS — volume 45, no 2, 2019

Published: 01 Mar 2019


Prevention strategies for sickness absence: sick individuals or sick populations?


Systematic literature review on the effects of occupational safety and health (OSH) interventions at the workplace
The contribution of work and lifestyle factors to socioeconomic inequalities in self-rated health ‒ a systematic review

Original article

Bi-directional relation between effort‒reward imbalance and risk of neck-shoulder pain: assessment of mediation through depressive symptoms using occupational longitudinal data
Organizational change and employee mental health: A prospective multilevel study of the associations between organizational changes and clinically relevant mental distress
Participatory organizational intervention for improved use of assistive devices in patient transfer: a single-blinded cluster randomized controlled trial
Long-term occupational trajectories and suicide: a 22-year follow-up of the GAZEL cohort study
Short time between shifts and risk of injury among Danish hospital workers: a register-based cohort study
Risk of childhood asthma following prenatal exposure to negative life events and job stressors: A nationwide register-based study in Denmark
Effectiveness of a no-cost-to-workers, slip-resistant footwear program for reducing slipping-related injuries in food service workers: a cluster randomized trial

Short communication

Early part-time sick leave results in considerable savings in social security costs at national level: an analysis based on a quasi-experiment in Finland

Letter to the Editor

Positive association between job decision authority and systolic blood pressure: a statistical artifact?

Book review

The Science and Politics of Work Disability Prevention