CONTENTS — volume 24, suppl 3, 1998

Published: 1998


New challenges for the organization of night and shift work: Proceedings of the XIII International Symposium on Night and Shift Work, 23--27 June 1997, Finland
Härmä M, guest editor, Barton J, guest editor, Costa G, guest editor, Greenwood K, guest editor, Knauth P, guest editor, Nachreiner F, guest editor, Rosa R, guest editor, Åkerstedt T, guest editor


New work times are here - are we ready?

Invited paper

International regulations on the organization of shift work
Innovative worktime arrangements
Is there an optimal sleep-wake pattern in shift work?
Shift work and reproductive health
Individual and social determinants of shiftwork tolerance

Original article

Accident risk as a function of hour at work and time of day as determined from accident data and exposure models for the German working population
Shift length as a determinant of retrospective on-shift alertness
Change from slowly rotating 8-hour shifts to rapidly rotating 8-hour and 12-hour shifts using participative shift roster design
Effects of alternating 8- and 12-hour shifts on sleep, sleepiness, physical effort and performance
Change from an 8-hour shift to a 12-hour shift, attitudes, sleep, sleepiness and performance
Subjective alertness and sleep quality in connection with permanent 12-hour day and night shifts
Management of health and safety in the organization of worktime at the local level
Knowledge-based support for the participatory design and implementation of shift systems
The significance of rota representation in the design of rotas
A technique to take leave into account in shift-rota design
Diurnal trends in mood and performance do not all parallel alertness
Effect of bright light at night on core temperature, subjective alertness and performance as a function of exposure time
Three-process model of supervisory activity over 24 hours
Shift work and sick leave
Combined effects of shift systems and work requirements on customs officers
Effects of coping strategies, social support and work-nonwork conflict on shift worker's health
Emotional impact of shift work on the children of shift workers
Guidelines for the medical surveillance of shift workers