CONTENTS — volume 46, no 5, 2020

Published: 01 Sep 2020


Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health goes full open access
Prevention at work needed to curb the worldwide strong increase in knee replacement surgery for working-age osteoarthritis patients

Original article

Cancer incidence among seafarers and fishermen in the Nordic countries
The mediating effect of work-life interference on the relationship between work-time control and depressive and musculoskeletal symptoms
Association of long working hours with accidents and suicide mortality in Korea
Psychosocial working characteristics before retirement and depressive symptoms across the retirement transition: a longitudinal latent class analysis
Persistent and changing job strain and risk of coronary heart disease. A population-based cohort study of 1.6 million employees in Denmark
Night work, mortality, and the link to occupational group and sex
The mediating role of sleep, physical activity, and diet in the association between shift work and respiratory infections
Metalworking fluids and cancer mortality in a US autoworker cohort (1941–2015)
The association of work stress and night work with nutrient intake – a prospective cohort study
Psychosocial work exposures of the job strain model and cardiovascular mortality in France: results from the STRESSJEM prospective study

Letter to the Editor

Not just a research method: If used with caution, can job-exposure matrices be a useful tool in the practice of occupational medicine and public health?