CONTENTS — volume 47, no 3, 2021

Published: 01 Apr 2021


The burnout enigma solved?

Original article

Changes in precarious employment in the United States: A longitudinal analysis
Shift work, work time control, and informal caregiving as risk factors for sleep disturbances in an ageing municipal workforce
Long working hours and psychiatric treatment: A Danish follow-up study
Effect of long work hours and shift work on high-sensitivity C-reactive protein levels among Korean workers
The influence of chronic diseases and multimorbidity on entering paid employment among unemployed persons – a longitudinal register-based study
Industry mobility and disability benefits in heavy manual jobs: A cohort study of Swedish construction workers
Effects of changes in early retirement policies on labor force participation: the differential effects for vulnerable groups
Two-year neurocognitive responses to first occupational lead exposure

Amendments and corrections

Re: Sasaki N, Kuroda R, Tsuno K, Kawakami N. The deterioration of mental health among healthcare workers during the COVID-19 outbreak: A population-based cohort study of workers in Japan. Scand J Work Environ Health. 2020;46(6):639–644. doi:10.5271/sjweh.3922