CONTENTS — volume 49, no 2, 2023

Published: 01 Mar 2023


Ways to study changes in psychosocial work factors

Original article

Circulatory disease mortality among male medical radiation workers in South Korea, 1996–2019
The association between the use of shift schedule evaluation tool with ergonomics recommendations and occupational injuries: A 4-year prospective cohort study among healthcare workers
Night and evening shifts and risk of calling in sick within the next two days – a case-crossover study design based on day-to-day payroll data
Effect of vitamin D deficiency on metabolic syndrome among Korean shift workers
Do influence at work and possibilities for development mitigate the impact of job demands for workers with and without depression
Short and long-term associations between serum proteins linked to cardiovascular disease and particle exposure among constructions workers
Surgery for subacromial impingement syndrome and occupational biomechanical risk factors in a 16-year prospective study among male construction workers