CONTENTS — volume 25, no 1, 1999

Published: Feb 1999


Biomarkers in the identification of risks, especially with regard to susceptible persons and subgroups


Lymphatic and hematopoietic cancer in teachers

Original article

Magnetic resonance appearance of asbestos-related benign and malignant pleural diseases
Genotoxic exposures of potroom workers
Exposure of farmers to phosmet, a swine insecticide
Increase in interleukin-6 and fibrinogen in peripheral blood after swine dust inhalation
Predictors and consequences of unemployment in construction and forest work during a 5-year follow-up
Prognostic factors for chronic disability from acute low-back pain in occupational health care
Interindividual variation of physical load in a work task
Functional and high-resolution computed tomographic studies of divers' lungs