CONTENTS — volume 50, no 2, 2024

Published: 01 Mar 2024


What are the economic costs of a poor work environment?

Discussion paper

Asbestos and disease – a public health success story?

Original article

The labor market costs of work-related stress: A longitudinal study of 52 763 Danish employees using multi-state modeling
Global-, regional- and country-level estimates of the work-related burden of diseases and accidents in 2019
The indispensable whole of work and population health: How the working life exposome can advance empirical research, policy, and action
Effect of retirement on self-rated oral health and dental services use: longitudinal fixed-effects instrumental variable study in 31 countries
Ground reaction force as a factor responsible for the topography of injuries in professional dance. An analysis of three dance styles: classical dance, modern dance, and folk dance
Ethical value conflicts in healthcare and their effects on nurses’ health, turnover intent, team effectiveness, and patient safety: a longitudinal questionnaire study

Short communication

Impact of employment and income support interventions on the health of young adults with episodic disability: Findings from a systematic review