CONTENTS — volume 26, no 6, 2000

Published: Dec 2000


Modification of lung cancer prevention by gene-nutrient interaction

Original article

Cancer incidence among workers in six Norwegian aluminum plants
Nonmalignant mortality among workers in six Norwegian aluminum plants
Acute myeloid leukemia and clonal chromosome aberrations in relation to past exposure to organic solvents
Semen quality and sexual hormones in greenhouse workers
Spontaneous abortions among veterinarians
Occupational risk factors for radial tunnel syndrome in industrial workers
Changes in the ocular and nasal signs and symptoms of aircrews in relation to the ban on smoking on intercontinental flights
Predictors of first nonfatal occupational injury following employment in a Brazilian steelworks


Cancer-preventive effects of sunscreens are uncertain

Book review

Handbook of Occupational Dermatology
Zwanenburg R, reviewer
Health Effects of the New Labour Market
Vahtera J, reviewer