CONTENTS — volume 27, no 1, 2001

Published: Feb 2001


How confident can we be that acrylonitrile is not a human carcinogen?

Original article

Reevaluation of lung cancer risk in the acrylonitrile cohort study of the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Reconciling animal and human data in a cancer risk assessment of acrylonitrile
Physical exposure assessment in monotonous repetitive work - the PRIM study
Questionnaire versus direct technical measurements in assessing postures and movements of the head, upper back, arms and hands
Questionnaire-based mechanical exposure indices for large population studies - reliability, internal consistency and predictive validity
Prevalence and occupational associations of neck pain in the British population
Life-style intervention at the worksite - reduction of cardiovascular risk factors in a randomized study
Consequences of workplace bullying with respect to the well-being of its targets and the observers of bullying
Comparison of expert-rater methods for assessing psychosocial job strain
Asthma risk, cleaning activities and use of specific cleaning products among Spanish indoor cleaners

Letter to the Editor

Study on postural stress and shoulder disorders