CONTENTS — volume 21, no 6, 1995

Published: Dec 1995


Hands up or back to work -- future challenges in epidemiologic research on musculoskeletal diseases


Adverse health impacts of air pollution -- continuing problems

Original article

Maternal work during pregnancy and the risks of delivering a small-for-gestational-age or preterm infant
Mortality and cancer incidence among women with a high consumption of fatty fish contaminated with persistent organochlorine compounds
Musculoskeletal symptoms among sewing machine operators
Social support, job strain and musculoskeletal pain among female health care personnel
HARBO, a simple computer-aided observation method for recording work postures
Cancer risk among workers in biomedical research
Excess lung cancer among workers exposed to lead
Radiographic small lung opacities and pleural abnormalities as a consequence of asbestos exposure in an adult population
Humeral epicondylitis among gas- and waterworks employees
Occurrence of self-reported asthma among Swedish bakers
Cumulative injury rate and potential workdays and salary lost
Modeling long-term average exposure in occupational exposure-response analysis

Short communication

Lung cancer mortality update and prevalence of smoking among copper miners and smelters

Case report

Peripheral neuropathy in styrene-exposed workers

Letter to the Editor

Occupation and suicide