CONTENTS — volume 29, no 4, 2003

Published: Aug 2003


Regulatory actions to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders-the use of research-based exposure limits


Adverse health effects from ambient air pollution in relation to residential wood combustion in modern society

Original article

Effects of the implementation of an 84-hour workweek on neurobehavioral test performance and cortisol responsiveness during testing
Trends in the Danish work environment in 1990-2000 and their associations with labor-force changes
Problem-based learning versus lecture-based learning in postgraduate medical education
Prevention of farm injuries in Denmark
Exposure-response relationships for hexahydrophthalic and methylhexahydrophthalic anhydrides with total plasma protein adducts as biomarkers
Medical costs of fourteen occupational illnesses in the United States in 1999

Short communication

Mites in facilities for laboratory animals

Discussion paper

Attenuation of exposure-response curves in occupational cohort studies at high exposure levels