CONTENTS — volume 31, no 1, 2005

Published: Feb 2005


Reversed causality--a need to revisit systems modeling of work-stress-health relationships

Original article

Different mechanisms to explain the reversed effects of mental health on work characteristics
Disentangling the causal relationships between work-home interference and employee health
Total mortality and cause-specific mortality of Swedish shift- and dayworkers in the pulp and paper industry in 1952-2001
Cancer in the Norwegian printing industry
Impairment of lung function in asbestos-exposed workers in relation to high-resolution computed tomography
Nasal mucosal histamine reactivity among teachers six years after working in a moisture-damaged school
Methacholine bronchial responsiveness and variations in lung function among workers exposed to flour
Assessment of exposure to wheat flour and the shape of its relationship with specific sensitization
Impact of smoking policy on the respiratory health of food and beverage servers


Amendments and corrections

Re: Sennbro CJ, Lindh CH, Tinnerberg H, Welinder H, Littorin M, Jönsson BAG. Biological monitoring of exposure to toluene diisocyanate. Scand J Work Environ Health 2004;30(5):371–378.