CONTENTS — volume 32, no 2, 2006

Published: 30 Apr 2006


Prevention of disability at work

Original article

Life-expectancy estimations and the determinants of survival after 15 years of follow-up for 81 249 workers with permanent occupational disabilities
Natural course of nontraumatic rotator cuff tendinitis and shoulder symptoms in a working population
Salivary cortisol and self-reported stress among persons with environmental annoyance
Disturbed sleep and fatigue in occupational burnout
Adolescents’ jobs and the course of dermatitis symptoms throughout puberty
Changes in ocular and nasal signs and symptoms among air crew in relation to air humidification on intercontinental flights
Effect of respirators equipped with particle or particle-and-gas filters during exposure in a pig confinement building

Case report

Hemoglobin adducts in the assessment of potential occupational exposure to acrylamides—three case studies

Discussion paper

Preventing injury, illness and disability at work