CONTENTS — volume 32, no 3, 2006

Published: 30 Jun 2006


Establishing the health risks of exposure to radiofrequency fields requires multidisciplinary research

Original article

Meta-analysis of mobile phone use and intracranial tumors
Brain tumors and occupational exposures in a cohort of female textile workers in Shanghai, China
Cancer incidence among farmers exposed to lindane while sheep dipping
Is an imbalance between physical capacity and exposure to work-related physical factors associated with low-back, neck or shoulder pain?
Relationship between hand–arm vibration exposure and onset time for symptoms in a heavy engineering production workshop
Prevalent cardiovascular disease, risk factors and selection out of shift work
Development of a questionnaire to assess worker knowledge, attitudes and perceptions underlying dermal exposure
Occupational skin exposure and hand eczema among dental technicians—need for improved prevention
Tape-strip sampling for measuring dermal exposure to 1,6-hexamethylene diisocyanate
Nonstandard shift schedules and the risk of job-related injuries
Renal function of chloralkali workers after the cessation of exposure to mercury vapor