Original article

Scand J Work Environ Health 1982;8 suppl 1:172-175    pdf

The occupational health nurse's contribution to epidemiology.

by Barnard JM

Epidemiologic studies usually require a team approach. The value of involving occupational health nurses in epidemiologic studies is the basis of this paper. Examples of epidemiologic studies to which nurses have contributed substantially are presented. The trained occupational health nurse who is responsible for a defined population of workpeople has a unique position in the workplace. Her (or his) training and experience as an observer, and knowledge of toxicology and environmental health effects, should enable her (or him) to identify groups of workers requiring specific health monitoring and surveys and to assist in epidemiologic studies. The potential contribution of the occupational health nurse to the work of the team conducting epidemiologic surveys, or as an independent health practitioner undertaking studies on her own, is discussed. Better opportunities for training should be made available in order for the occupational health nurse to contribute to epidemiologic studies in the workplace.