Original article

Scand J Work Environ Health 1982;8 suppl 1:152-156    pdf

A new approach for providing occupational health services in developing countries.

by Khogali M

A comprehensive approach to the health problems of workers and the gainfully employed should be adopted when occupational health services are planned in developing countries. The system developed in industrialized countries cannot be applied to new industrializing countries. The definition of what constitutes a developing country is not yet agreed upon. They share many of the criteria which create a vicious cycle of poverty and disease. This cycle can only be broken by industrialization and economic progress. The maintenance of health in industrial communities in the developing countries entails the treatment and prevention of epidemic and endemic communicable diseases, the prevention of occupational injuries and diseases, the planning and organization of medical care, training, the introduction and enforcement of standards of health, and safety and medical care in industry. To achieve this a new approach is advocated. The total health services are visualized as a spectrum, while occupational health services are used as a springboard and a point of entry. The health personnel who provide services to workers in factories, agricultural projects, and mines can carry out a comprehensive preventive program for the workers and their families.