Original article

Scand J Work Environ Health 1983;9(3):283-290    pdf


Neck and upper limb disorders among slaughterhouse workers. An epidemiologic and clinical study.

by Viikari-Juntura E

The aim of the study was twofold, (i) to detect neck and upper limb disorders in slaughterhouse workers and (ii) to develop methods for the epidemiologic screening of these disorders. A total of 117 slaughterhouse workers underwent a physical examination of the neck and upper extremities and were interviewed for their subjective symptoms. In addition to a prestructured screening diagnosis, a clinical diagnosis was made. The prevalence of tension neck syndrome was 6.2%, and that of tenosynovitis and peritendinitis of the wrist and forearm 4.4%. The screening diagnoses were not always the same as the clinical diagnoses obtained in more-detailed examinations. However, the nine disorders in the screening method fairly well represented the disorders detected in the clinical examination.

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