CONTENTS — volume 9, no 3, 1983

Original article

Elucidation of some epidemiologic principles.
Increased frequency of lymphocyte micronuclei in workers producing reinforced polyester resin with low exposure to styrene.
Mortality experience among chromeplating workers. Initial findings.
Increased uptake of serotonin in platelets from car painters occupationally exposed to mixtures of solvents and organic isocyanates.
No cytogenetic effects in lymphocytes of stainless steel welders.
Exceptional pharmacokinetics of trivalent chromium during occupational exposure to chromium lignosulfonate dust.
Biological monitoring of occupational exposure to tetrachloroethene.
Neck and upper limb disorders among slaughterhouse workers. An epidemiologic and clinical study.
Left-sided carpal tunnel syndrome in butchers.